About Josy

Josy was raised in Palazzolo Acreide, a beautiful Italian town in Sicily where people of all ages use holistic and herbal remedies on a daily basis as a form of prevention and cure. From a young age Josy knew she possessed a strong intuition and felt drawn towards this natural approach to life.

 Her spiritual and psychic journey started with helping people through the healing touch of massages 16 years ago. She noticed that her intuition was becoming sharper and was able to give mini readings with the treatments, all her clients responded very well to this unique approach to massage so Josy decided to learn more to develop her natural gift by attending metaphysical workshops. This marked the beginning of Josy’s psychic path and passion to help others.

Josy is an International Intuitive Psychcic Reader and Teacher, her gifts are clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentience, she is also an Advanced Numerologist, Colour Therapist, Reiki and Seischim Master. Josy is also a fully trained Massage Therapist who holds two diplomas and five certificates in massages and all her treatments are intuitively based.

On a weekly basis you can see Josy do what she loves on the media nationally as regular reader on PTV Australia Show and internationally as a radio host broadcast live from America on A1R Psychic Radio and MoonstruckTv. 

Josy also runs regular workshops and free circles nationally and internationally on energy wisdom, numerology, oracle readings, colour therapy, mediation and psychic development, they are all based on developing your intuition and finding your own psychic gift.

“I believe the physical state is a reflection of your inner light. If you are happy on the inside the outside will sparkle. I love helping people through their journey, everybody has a story and we all need guidance. I am grateful that I received the right guidance throughout my journey and I am honoured to be there for yours. Watching my clients heal and be happy through their evolvement is the ultimate satisfaction,” says Josy.