Colour Healing Workshop

Coming up in December 2018




Colourful Numerology Workshop

Sunday 27th May 2018

Learn the ancient art of Numerology and Colour Therapy Readings. This is a very unique and fun workshop that I have designed for like minded people whom like myself have an affinity for the ancient art of numerology and colour therapy. A certificate will be issue at the end of the class leaving you the choice to use your new numerology skills professionally or personally.

By simply using the personal numbers of your birthday you will discover hidden meanings to your character, your gifts, your challenges, the reason to why some things make you tick and other things feel so natural. You will also learn how numbers can influence your energy for the year, month and even your day and how to use that vibration to enhance your flow to the fullest.

You will also learn how each number is associated to a colour and how colour therapy in conjunction to numerology can add to your personal vibration and to a healthier attitude towards life.

"May every colour and number be an inspiration to your journey"

Cost $190, it includes lunch and a booklet on numerology and colour reading designed by me. To cover the cost on material and printing a $50 non-refundable deposit is needed to lock in a spot. 

To ensure individual attention the class will only hold 10 people so numbers are limited, to sucure your booking  please contact me on...

Email: or you can contact me on my mobile 040706 1615

 Looking forward to see you there..

Love & Sparkle