Experience your new light

Inner Light Therapies is a place to revive yourself from stress, remove pain and enrich your body's wellness and spirit. All the treatments are tailored to focus on your body and mind’s awareness on the individual health.

 Every session booked will offer a complete well being approach to life and guidance, which helps achieve peace on every level. Inner Light Therapies believe true healing must take place mentally, emotionally & spiritually- not just physically.


Only you can truly heal yourself


This is your chance to redefine your life and see yourself in a new light. To begin your new journey with positive habits that carry your body’s state into wellness. Massage and spiritual healing add value, reduce stress and bring harmony to your body’s system. Once you find emotional balance, physical healing follows.

In this hectic world, stress and a busy lifestyle cause anxiety, aches and pains. Relaxation is looked upon as a luxury, however to achieve inner peace relaxation for both mind and soul is a necessity.

Inner Light Therapies is more than just a 'hands-on' practice, the client is enable to become an active member of their treatment plan. The objective is to help the individual own resources, gain information, stay motivated, focus on personally meaningful goals and to learn self- help skills.

Founder and director of Inner Light Therapies, Josy Curcio is a Sydney Licensed Massage Therapist, Master Healer & an International Intuitive Psychic Reader and Self Development Teacher. As a Holistic Practitioner, Josy is qualified to treat your individual needs from the inside out.