Lets meditate Sydney!

Now that the financial year is finally over, why not thake the opportunity to create a new and fresh mindset for the rest of 2017.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate, learn to relax and feel stress free. Regular meditators are also welcome. I beleive the art of meditation is a simple one and it doesnt have to be complicated at all, so join the relaxing vibes on Saturday 8th July at 3pm till 4pm, investment $20 (cash only)

Feel free to bring a warm blanket and a yoga mat. Loose and warm clothing are advisable to ensure you are comfy and tosty during class.

Numbers are limited prebookings are essential. 
Looking forward to see you there

Love & Sparkle 






 This is a wonderful way to relax and use colours to meditate. Depending on what you need this colour vibrations class can sedate a chatter and busy mind or invigorate and balance a tired body.
During this Colour Therapy Meditation you can absorb healing or expel stress, all you need to do is relax and trust in the natural process to connect.

This is a great class for begginners or advanced souls. In the first 30mns of the class there will be an open discussion on colour insights followed by a guided colourful meditation. Some classes will be based on one colour only to gain more information and insights.

 Join the Colour Red Therapy Meditation on Sunday 26th June at 4-30pm to 6-00pm Investment is $25 (cash only) feel free to bring a yoga matt or a nice throw to get yourself cosy and warm. Please be there 10mns earlier as the door will close at 6pm. Numbers are limited bookings are essential. I am looking forward to share the colourful vibes with you all.

Next class will be held on Sunday 17th June and will be based on the healing qualities of the colour orange.


 Don't Worry Be Happy Meditation 

 This is a designed meditation that I have put together for anyone who suffers from constant stress, chronic pain, panic attacks and anxieties. As a former depressed soul, I am very well aware that these conditions can be very difficult to deal with, particularly when we facing daily mental, emotional or physical  challenges . The inner conflict can be overwhelming and can makes us feel out of control.

Meditation helped me overcome my depression and it has been a perfect alliance in cultivating health through the mind, body and soul.                                                                                                 

 My aim to this class is to share my sucess story and teach some basic meditation techniques to help you gain some new strategies on how to deal with your physical, emotional and mental struggles and to gain trust in a new and natural process. 

Sunday 12th December from 10am till 11:30am cost $50 (cash only)

Feel free to bring a yoga mat or a meditation cushion. Please be there 10 minutes earlier as the door will be closed at 10am sharp.

For bookings contact me on 0407 06 16 15 or privately inbox me.

Looking forward to see you there

Josy Curcio