WELCOME 2016!!!!

In numerology the number for 2016 comes up to the number 9 and its represented by the colour SILVER and all pastel colours. The key word for this year is DREAM BIG! 
Like it or not your life is about to go through a transformation this year, some of you sensitive souls have been preparing for a while and are ready for the changes, others feel the craving to create changes but still feel stuck with a few problems.
Its really quite simple to use this vibration to your advantage, I see it like a big "spring cleaning" as soon as its done there is a feeling of achievement, you feel lighter, fresh and ready to move to the next plan. if you don't get around to do it you feel stuck and hunted by the idea that you will do it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes, leaving you unmotivated to do much else!
Health, Travel, Finances, Love, Spiritual Growth are all part of being uplifted to better levels this year, however all the challenges need to be confronted with an open heart and total trust to your new cycle of life.
So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into your spring cleaning this year and feel free to DREAM BIG!

Have a Sparkling Spring Cleaning everyone



What is your vision for this year?

Do you have a clear vision on what you would like to achieve in the next few months or in 2015? If yes are you fueling your clear vision with a positive action? Do you maintain your positive action by keeping your strength up?

This are the key-words that I use to stay focus on my goals they work for me especially when I am faced with challenges and want to give up on everything! I am happy to share this because I know some of you are struggling with this strong energy 8 that 2015 has brought in.

Ok for example one of my vision for this year is to create balance between my personal life and my work. Been an empath is something I have struggled for a long time, as I would feel overwhelmed by wanting to help or be there for others and would put their needs in front of mine. I am getting much better and since this is the year of Manifestation I have come up with a little plan which I would like to share.

So my VISION is to have a clear picture of myself holding the two separate energies in my hands with balance, my right hand representing business my left representing personal, both of them holding equal weight. My ACTION is to commit to self observation daily to see any bad patterns and to work on them when they arise. My STRENTGH is to maintain my energy high to ensure I don't fall into the trap of psychical, emotional or mental struggles or any negativity in general and this is always the hardest part trust me as it is the inner sabotage oozing out at its best!

I would like for you to join this post and share your successful stories or struggles with me, my idea is to try to help anyone out there through this page who might be struggling with their vision right now and together we can help each other. Feel free to like and share if you believe this post can help.

Love and Sparkles



Keep being kind and watch the world smile back at you :)



October 2014 falls under the vibration of the number 8

October 2014 falls under the vibration of the number 8, so what does that mean you may ask?
Well for anyone who is born on the month of August, born on the day 8, 17, 26, if your Destiny number is 8 or simply has a lot of 8's on the birthday, or on your advanced numerology chart, this month could be a very challenging one on Personal Empowerment.

The number 8 is connected to the planet Saturn which governs restrictions on our desires, this restrictions are always presented by outside authorities in simple words by people that have an ego and abuse their authority to bring you down. Let me tell you by experience most of my clients get really upset when confronted with this vibrations as it is a very karmic energy as your values, morals, beliefs and ethics get put on a public stand. The reason for this is due to the negative side of the vibration 8 which fuels the authoritarian people by some very strong and low emotions like jealousy, pride, impatience and intolerance and it can be sparked in any aspects of life eg. work, family, love, travel and even health.

Now don't worry its not all bad news, the beauty of numerology is that it will give you the awareness needed to understand your challenges and show you how to tap into the positive side of the vibration to EMPOWER THE SELF.

Ok so the positive vibration 8 is represented by the Magician card in the Tarot Deck and also by the symbol of Infinity. Both are very strong positive karmic influences which means what seem an impossible situation canactually be overcome by simply gaining your power back and to do so with a smile, and a voice that shows strong ethics, strength and compassion. Definitely not an easy task I know, particularly when the situation is so bad that all you want to do is give it back with a passion! But, if you stop and think about it for a moment it makes sense that this could be the perfect opportunity, the so called divine timing to challenge your dark side don't you think?

All you need to do is step back and understand the vibration you are sitting on and find the Spiritual Warrior that we all have within us. By choosing this pathway the choice to either cut cords, forgive or accept is no longer a challenge.This beautiful qualities are enhanced by the positive vibration of the number 8 and once you have gained the wisdom you will never loose it. This positive vibration brings a lot of good luck and prosperity in all aspects of life. It has certainly helped me in a lot of my challenges.

The colour associated with 8 is gold or any shades or warm sparkles. If you are struggling in any situation this month try to wear a little gold to bring your vibration or mood to a more optimistic level as gold is a natural carrier of high energy and it will automatically uplift you and give you the courage and strength to face any negative situation.

I hope this information will empower you to face any challenges this month and remember to keep smiling!

Love and Gold Sparkles