“Josy is so present and gives so much of her self. After each holistic remedial massage- I’m a different person. Not only does my body feel lighter, so does my mind. I become more grounded, balanced and clearer in my thinking patterns. Each time I feel sluggish, stressed or physically out of whack- I know I'm in need of Josy's gifted hands and healing.”Penny, 33


“There is massage and there is healing. I was a sceptic till I encountered Josy at Destiny WellBeing. I had a chronic knee complaint resulting from two unsuccessful operations. I also had discomfort in my shoulder and hips. Six treatments later, I have virtually no pain in the knees and shoulder and increased movement in my hips. I also feel more energized and this I believe is a direct result of Josy’s healing gift. She goes beyond the tissue of the muscles and calms the spirit that regulates our movement.” Vinay, 61


"I have been seeing Josy for over 3 years and in that time the impact she has had on my health and wellbeing is more than any other practioner has been able to provide. I began seeing Josy, as I suffered  chronic headaches and RSI. Now I see her for a massage every month, sometimes every fortnight.
Her approach is not only to massage the body but uplift and shift energies where needed and no two massages are the same. Her innate, intuitive abilities are the best I've experienced and I trust her  wholeheartedly. She can connect with her clients on a level that has helped me overcome some obstacles and improve my health immensely. I often experience moments of clarity and enlightment, as she can  pinpoint the areas where I need balance and healing. Her insights into what's happening to the body and mind are remarkable. If you're open to the messages she passes on, the massage can become a complete healing experience. I recommend her to anyone seeking help or just a remedial massage but I warn you, you'll never want to go anywhere else." Rebecca, 32


"Almost all of us have experienced the enjoyment of  proper and professional massages more or less. We normally set an expectation of what to receive as a desirable treatment in advance. I was absolutely over whelmed as for the first time Josy changed my overall view  about massage therapy. Her treatment doesn't only limit to her up lifting technique of movements on body and tissues but also it's a very powerful cocktail mixed of the area of her knowledge including aromatherapy, reiki and crystals, which takes you in a very deep place of your being. And that's a place where body, mind and soul stay in balance and harmony together." Parviz, 38


"Josy is a helpful and generous person. Her teaching style is friendly, welcoming, informal and spiritual. It is a positive experience to attend her classes where she makes everyone feel comfortable and supported in their learning. From attending her classes I have gained an insight into another dimension of my life about which I hope to learn more." Lorraine


“I had Josy at my 40th birthday party, which had an Arabian theme and my guests loved her! They all commented on her work with the crystals and stones. Many found her readings very accurate and were somewhat taken by how ‘close to home’ her interpretations of their stone choices were. Personally, I thought she was just wonderful. Josy was very accommodating and met all my needs and expectations 100%. Funnily I thought maybe people wouldn’t want to go over to her, but surprisingly there was a queue at her table the whole 2 hours she was there. What surprised me even more was that guests of all ages were keen to go to her, from 35 to 55. She was just fantastic! ”Tania, 40